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Model designation methods of valves

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The valve model consists of eight units according to the characteristics of our company by referring to JB 308-75 Valves Model Designation Method with the arrangement sequence codes as follows:

For instance,:GJ21F- SS means the valve of diaphragm type (G), for shut-off (J), male thread connection (2), straight-through (1), the valve head of fluoroplastic (F), with the nominal diameter of 10mm and the nominal pressure of 16Mpa and the valve body of 316L(SS). The rest may be deduced by analogy.


The specific model can be determined with the assistance from the manufacturer based on the use medium and working conditions provided by the user. It can also be determined by the user according to the above designation method. However, the operating temperature must be indicated. Otherwise, the valves with the operating temperature of normal temperature will be supplied.